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About Us

Nasher Miles luggage trolley bag

Our Story

"Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta
The Name Nasher, is derived from the Persian word "Nasher Kardan" meaning to publish. The word "Miles" underlines every mile of the journey of a traveller. The term "Nasher Miles" together refers to a promise of bringing to the world, real travel experiences. When a passion for travel, quality and the finest service is interwoven, you come away with a Nasher Miles experience.

Our Philosophy

Three words… Ready for More.
In travel, in life, we challenge you to be ready for more. No obstacle is ever too big to overcome.
No path too difficult to tread. No territory so wild that it can’t be discovered.
Contentment is for those who settle. Curiosity is what keeps you awake and alive.
Don’t wait for your life to be lived for you.
Wish for more. Ask for more. Be ready for more…
As just outside your comfort zone lies an adventure unknown.

What We Do

We’re listeners

We’re listeners

We listen to you and your travel needs.

We’re observers

We’re observers

We notice trends, styles and curves of the industry and adapt quickly.

We’re creators

We’re creators

We design not just what you want to have but what you aspire to.

We’re travelers

We’re travelers

We bring to you experiences that are tailor-made for you.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re Nasher Miles. A new-age digital-first brand, committed to make travel easy, efficient and tasteful for you.
We are a company that’s led by individuals who come from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common - their love for travel.

A couple of years ago, on an international terminal waiting for our luggage on the baggage belt, we realized how monotonous every bag looked. This seemed like an opportunity to break clutter and led to the creation of a brand that is driven by nothing but innovation.

Every single piece created at Nasher Miles is designed and engineered to set you apart.

The Founders

We’re listeners

Abhishek Daga

Founder & Director

Worked in the silicon valley at the start of the millenium with pioneering players in the E Commerce and Pay per click search engines space.

We’re observers

Lokesh Daga

Founder & CEO

A marketing whiz from the get-go, his early working days brought him diverse exposure across all sales channels such as a traditional, modern and most importantly, online.

We’re observers

Shruti Kedia Daga

Founder & Marketing Head

Worked in marketing across the spectrum, from B2B for a tech media firm, to B2C for one of the largest Indian banks and now D2C with Nasher Miles.

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