Nov 30, 2022

“Work Smart, Travel Smarter!” seems like the new anthem that has caught every working professional’s work style. With work and business travel on everyone’s agenda, Nasher Miles presents a sharp range of cabin bags that merge style and utility with a powerful finesse. The New York and New York Plus range is perfect for short business travels as well as for carrying your laptop in a carry-on for long trips. Here’s what makes the New York & New York Plus collection an A+.

Easy accessibility

The New York cabin bags come with super-convenient front access for your laptop and other important items while you fly. The built-in padded sleeve secures the laptop and other gadgets from any in-flight impact. This range represents what smart cabin bags are capable of.

Unrivalled Design

We’ll not be wrong if we say that the New York and New York Plus collection is one-of-its-kinds. Available in eight vivid colours and two distinct designs, these cabin bags make you stand out not just at the airport but wherever you go.

Unmatched manoeuvrability 

The four 360-degree silent spinner wheels facilitate easy manoeuvrability inside and outside the airport. Carrying these cabin bags is no less than walking the red carpet with full elan. 

Closely guarded

The New York and New York Plus range also comes equipped with our signature side-mounted number lock. The number lock renders total peace of mind whether you’re working, chit-chatting, or catching a nap.

Accommodate more

While the bag is small and compact, it can stack a lot more than what meets the eye outside. On the inside, these cabin bags come loaded with two large fully-lined compartments that can accommodate your essentials as well as a few last-minute extra items.


Check the entire New York and New York Plus laptop roller cases collection here.

Nov 23, 2022

The Biggest Sale of the year is here and as an avid traveller, you deserve the most stylish luggage at jaw-dropping prices. So, let us tell you what’s on our Big Bold BLACK FRIDAY sale.

Luggage Sets

Our much-loved luggage sets that swooned travellers from the world over are up for grabs at unbelievable prices. From our much-revered Paris collection to our latest outing Lisbon, you can pick this Lisbon rose-pink hard side 3-piece luggage set at as less as ? 8,550 ? 41,985 (80%off) or order the Goa yellow hard side 2-piece trolley bag set at ? 6,525 ? 33,990 (81% off)

The Lombard Cabin Luggage

This quintessential stylish black cabin luggage bag has also made it to the BLACK FRIDAY sale at an unbelievable price tag of ? 1,973 ? 7,495 (74% off). The two-toned zig-zag design keeps things stylish while the hard side polycarbonate shell makes it a dependent travel gear.

The Bern Duffle Bag

One of our bestsellers, the Bern softside duffle bag is an absolute stunner at ?2,100 ?7,995 (74% off). Perfect for men as well as women, this duffle bag makes for a great carry-on as well as an overnighter bag.

The Basel Messenger Bag

Another style stopper, the Basel messenger bag adds style to your daily work commute while carrying your laptop securely. Made from premium mélange material, this is a deal you can’t resist at ? 1,575 ? 5,995 (74% off).

Corporate Backpack

This black laptop bag makes entry from our latest launch of tear-resistant and anti-scratch corporate backpacks. Heavily discounted as a token of admiration for our avid fans at ?1,320 ?5,999 (78% off), we bet you can’t find this price tag anywhere.

Check all of the Nasher Miles BLACK FRIDAY offers here and order your favourite travel gear and luggage sets before the holiday season rings in.

Nov 16, 2022

Every traveller wishes holiday packing was as easy as saying “Jet, Set, Go!” With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ve created this ultimate guide to holiday packing, this 2022.


The right time to start holiday packing

As per experts, you should start packing at least two weeks before your holidays begin. However, just a word of caution here, do not confuse holiday packing with holiday shopping. You must begin holiday shopping at least one month before you venture out. Whether it’s ordering your favourite little black dress, a pair of stylish dress shoes, or luggage set to pack all your holiday essentials, holiday shopping needs time to shop around numerous web stores, get things delivered well in advance, and still have time to accommodate replacements or returns.


As far as holiday packing is concerned, you must begin sorting things two weeks prior to your holiday schedule and resist procrastinating until the last minute. It will give you ample time to pack everything you’ll need on your trip, sans the stress and chaos that last-minute packing ensues.


Things to consider for your holiday packing checklist

#1 Clothing, accessories, toiletries & footwear

Clothing can include your special dresses, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc., and the bare essentials like bras, briefs, underwear, 

socks, swimsuits, and sleepwear.


Accessories like sunglasses, hats, gloves, belts, wallet, purse, and jewellery must be segregated and packed nicely.


Toiletries need special attention. From sunscreen lotion to your favourite bathing bar, moisturizer and lip balm, your daily skincare regime needs to stay intact while you travel. Sanitisers, disinfecting wipes, sanitary napkins, and tissues are some other must-haves.


Footwear takes centerstage when you have to travel for longer holidays. You must meticulously plan on picking your boots, sneakers, party shoes, and slippers.


#2 Gadgets, credit cards & documents

Gadgets are your lifelines to stay connected to the world and people back home. Make arrangements to carry your laptop, camera, buds, battery bank, charger, tablet, and mobile phone securely.


Next on this checklist are items related to your finances. Be it credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets or cryptocurrency, make sure you have a budget in mind and balance on whichever mode of payment you select to fund your daily outings.


Your travel documents, hotel bookings, insurance, flight tickets, and other important documentation should come in handy as and when needed during your trip.


#3 Snacks & medicines

Though everyone looks forward to splurging on food and having fun all the way on their holidays; it’s good to be prepared for tricky situations, especially if you’re travelling with kids. 


Do not forget to pack some healthy snacks like dry fruits and essential medications to treat those pesky headaches, irritable bowel, and nausea.


#4 What goes in your carry-on luggage


Your carry-on luggage needs meticulous planning, or else your entire in-flight experience can go for a toss. Besides the latest book you’re reading, headphones, travel pillow, and eye mask, think through any in-flight medications or baby formula, valuables, your passport, keys, changing clothes, etc. when packing your carry-on luggage.


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#5 What goes in your check-in luggage

Your check-in luggage will essentially stack everything you’ll need while holidaying. However, be wary of the fact that your checked baggage gets thrown while exchanging multiple hands before you get it back on arrival. Therefore, make sure you don’t keep anything that can get damaged or broken in your check-in luggage. Also, invest in sturdy luggage that can withstand the check-in process.


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Happy Holidays!

Nov 09, 2022

Fifth Avenue – the latest luggage sets collection by Nasher Miles can withstand anything. It’s a collection par elegance and resilience built together. Available in six exquisite shades of grey, rose gold, maroon, black, bottle green, and navy, Fifth Avenue presents a dual-toned geometric design that inspires awe.

Shine Like a Diamond

Fifth Avenue Street in the USA is synonymous with affluence. True to its name, the Fifth Avenue collection of Nasher Miles also exudes a certain sheen that goes well with an elite traveller’s persona.

Durability – Designed to Last

The dual-tone hardshell is made of ABS and comes replete with a film of Polycarbonate to absorb high impact and heat while resisting scratches and chemicals. Hence, keeping your favorite suitcases as good as new for years to come. The collection is made from the highly adaptable coextrusion processing technology that absorbs impact as nothing else can.

Expandability – Pack 25% More

Whether you’re an over-packer or under-packer, the Fifth Avenue collection boasts an extra 25% packing capacity. The suitcase’s interior is meticulously designed with a zippered divider, mesh pocket, hinge pocket, and down straps, helping you stay organized. All four sides are well-capable of lending an extra expansion of up to 25% to accommodate everything you want to take back home from your holiday.

Check the entire Fifth Avenue luggage sets collection here.

Nov 02, 2022

Business travel is back with a bang. After two years of travel restrictions and forced facetime, one on one meetings are returning and business travel is finally taking off. With the new year and the holiday season around the corner, millennials are more than interested in exploring business + leisure i.e., bleisure travel. And when talking about millennials, one cannot evade citing comfort, style, and durability in the travel gear they choose. 


At Nasher Miles, we take into account these aspects while designing laptop roller cases and corporate laptop backpacks for business class. Laptop roller cases and laptop bags for women and men from our wide range are totally drool-worthy and durable and add to your style quotient while you venture on local, domestic, or international travel.

Laptop Roller Cases – The Perfect Carry-ons

A laptop roller case serves as the best cabin luggage partner and packs all in. You can securely stash your laptop and other gadgets while carrying a few pairs of clothing and your shoes. Talking about ease of travel, laptop rollers cases are swift to maneuver at the airports, easy to checkout, and quick to get inside a cab. The front pockets organize office essentials and give quick access to your passport and other documentation.

Buy Black Laptop Roller Bag Online | Nasher Miles

Go for Black or Choose a Colourful Bag

While black makes for a perfect choice for laptop roller cases, you can choose from a variety of colours like old rose, red, blue, grey, and bronze. The colours add vividness to your ensemble and speak volumes about your magnetic personality.

Corporate Laptop Backpacks – For Everyday Travel & Beyond

The Nasher Miles corporate laptop backpacks for women and men stand out from conventional laptop bags. Many of the designs in the laptop backpack collection can be used in two ways – as a briefcase as well as a backpack. The range offers backpacks made from nylon as well as a hardside EVA and polyester combination. These backpacks make a versatile choice for daily office commutes and can be used for short business trips.

Get Premium Black Office Backpack Online by Nasher Miles

Oct 26, 2022

Do you travel frequently or just occasionally? Well, the fear of passing through airport security may be somewhat real. That’s why we have put up a list of 5 things you must know about cabin luggage bags to ease your mind while you take a flight and enjoy a comfortable flying experience. This article can serve as a cheat sheet to help you avoid unnecessary hassles at the airport:


Size Matters

As per American Airlines (AA), your cabin bag must not exceed 22x14x9 inches in size. Go by the rule that your cabin luggage should easily fit in the overhead bin, and a personal item like a bag or purse should adjust under the seat in front of you. 


Avoid Objects With Points Or Blades

Sharp objects should never be kept in a cabin bag. Items related to martial arts and self-defence, knives, box scissors, cutlasses and sabres, screwdrivers, nail guns, and staplers are prohibited. You must avoid bringing these in your hand baggage.


If you don’t want to cause a scene at the airport, stay away from bringing 

replicas of weapons and bullets for play in your carry-on luggage.


Fortunately, you are permitted to bring your shaver in your carry-on. Any type of ball, physical arts equipment, or devices that can be used to strike or throw something at someone are additional items you must avoid packing in your hand baggage.


The Liquid Rule

Airlines follow a simple rule when it comes to liquids in carry-ons – they must fit into a quart-sized bag. Anything below 3.4 ounces (100 ml) can be brought on board in carry-on luggage, and items larger than that go in checked baggage. However, this Liquid’s rule doesn’t apply to medications and child food.


Grocery Items, Cake, Pickles, Coconuts, and A Drone Camera

Yes, the aforementioned goods will not be permitted in your hand baggage, particularly when flying domestically. Therefore, be careful not to own the following objects since they may be hard-heartedly taken away from you.


Avoid Bringing Two Laptops

You can bring one laptop, but not more than that in the carry-on bag. Therefore, think twice before offering to assist someone to relocate their computers to a new city. The plan won’t work.


Your travel cabin determines how much cabin luggage you are allowed. Based on the flight cabin, travellers can bring one or two pieces of cabin luggage along with one accessory, like a purse, satchel, or laptop bag. The booking and the ticket both display the travel cabin.



The prohibited things you cannot bring in your cabin luggage vary between airlines. Additionally, it varies from country to country. Therefore, it is advisable to browse through the internet and research before flying with your chosen airline.

Please follow all flight safety standards to avoid delays at security gates while preparing. To ensure a comfortable and on-time trip, all passengers must abide by the check-in and hand baggage rules.

Oct 19, 2022

Diwali is all about going back home and celebrating the festival of lights with our family. Anyone staying afar from their native city, town, or village craves to be with their family to light up from within. This Diwali 2022, a gift from the diverse range of luggage pieces and suitcase sets of Nasher Miles can make the festival bigger and brighter for your loved ones. We’ve curated a list of things that you can order and gift yourself or get delivered directly to your family.

1. Laptop Roller Cases

Laptop backpacks make for a perfect gift for youngsters, while laptop bags on wheels can be considered for those who either do business travel or carry their laptops along on journeys, near and far. Laptop roller cases from Nasher Miles are distinct, thoughtfully designed, and last longer due to their sturdiness, making them the most admired Diwali Gift you can present.

2. A Carry-on Bag

A carry-on bag may be the smallest in a luggage set of 3; however, it can be the biggest gift amongst the stack of all Diwali gifts. Of all things travel, a carry-on or small suitcase comes to the rescue for weekend getaways and can be used for everyday storage when home.

3. Personalized Luggage Tags

Order personalized luggage tags online for your entire family and make this Diwali truly memorable. When the entire clan travels with similar yet unique luggage tags, it adds to the joy of travel and imbibes a sense of belongingness.

4. A Luggage Set

A luggage set of 3 or 2 can take your family by surprise and let them relish this gift for a lifetime. Scroll through one of the widest collections of luggage sets available online and pick one that matches your vibe.