Aug 03, 2022

If there’s one person on Earth who knows you in and out, it’s got to be your sibling. If travelling together during school summer vacations seems nostalgic, it’s never too late to make your siblings your travel buddies again and lend an all-different vibe to your vacays. At Nasher Miles, we’ve compiled three big reasons why siblings make the best travel partners.


1. A no-fuss affair

Travelling with your siblings is a no-fuss affair. From openly discussing your budgets to planning your itineraries, you can think aloud without worrying about offending others. Furthermore, if you’re sharing your hotel stays or accommodation, there are no surprises whatsoever when your sibling is your travel buddy. Since you know their quirks and nuances, you know what to expect. Also, know that they’ll always have your back, come what may.


Celebrate Sibling Love | 5 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Her


2. New stories & old memories

You’ll enjoy reminiscing the old days with your partners in crime as much as unfurling the new chapters of your life with them. Furthermore, you’ll not find yourself short of conversations even for a single moment and behold how life has come full circle. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy closely witnessing your sibling’s grown-up personality and wonder how fast life has been.


Celebrate Sibling Love | 5 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Him


3. Sibling convo is therapeutic

You know you can speak your heart out to your siblings. From discussing current relationships, careers, and dreams, to future plans, there’s no one better than your brother or sister who can listen to you patiently, understand your concerns, and give you the best life advice you can get. Travelling with your siblings also gives you quality time for deep conversations and to unbottle bottled-up feelings. Did someone say, sibling chats are therapeutic? Indeed!


However, like the two sides of a coin, travelling with your sibling may become overwhelming if one person is too dependent on the other. It works well if you’re ready to take the added responsibility; however, you can read reason#1 again to make them aware of their responsibilities as fellow travelers!

Jul 27, 2022

Today’s independent woman takes pride in gifting the best rakhi gifts to their first partners-in-crime, whether younger or elder, brothers! However, sisters too can often fall short of rakhi gift ideas. At Nasher Miles, we honour the spirit of gifting and celebrate sibling love. Here’s a curated list of five rakhi gifts for your loving brother.

1. For the frequent flyer

Perfect for the one who dares to explore new horizons and aims to make it big, this dual-tone luggage set is a great fit for the frequent flyer in him. He can stash his belongings safely and pack for as many days he wants to travel.

2. For the corporate man

He can do his daily corporate grind in style with this blue laptop bag. This sleek laptop bag has anti-theft zippers, a USB charge port, ample space, and comes with a built-in rain cover.

3. For the backpacker

This stylish outdoor travel backpack can accommodate everything he wants to take for his next weekend getaway. The high-capacity yet light-weight outdoor backpack is made with ultra-padded shoulder straps, making his travel escapades easy-breezy.

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4. For the comfort seeker

This travel neck pillow and eye mask combo makes for the cutest yet most comfortable travel accessory you can gift to your brother. The neck pillow is made with memory foam technology, while the eye mask is padded with soft cotton.


5. For the one who travels in style

And for the one who loves bold colors and takes his style seriously, this red hardside cabin luggage bag is a perfect match. It’s a good pick for small getaways or to carry on during international travels.

Jul 20, 2022

Rakshabandhan celebrates the bond of the sibling love as brothers and sisters travel near and far to be together on this day. Rakhi gifts take centre stage, and gifting ideas are explored well before the festival to find something unique and awe-inspiring. At Nasher Miles, we’ve compiled a list of rakhi gift ideas to brighten up your sister’s day and express your eternal love for her.

1. For the globetrotter

For the one smitten by the wanderlust, this silver and rose gold hardside check-in luggage can lend much style and sturdiness to her trips while she explores the world. This hardside luggage bag is lightweight, durable, and lends effortless mobility.

2. For the adventurer

Adventure takes a whole new dimension with this Camouflage outdoor backpack. While she would fall for the design, she would be equally amazed to see that this backpack can safely accommodate her laptop and travel accessories too.

3. For the lady boss

Whether she’s a corporate woman or an entrepreneur, this sleek laptop roller case can be her perfect companion for business travel. The spacious compartment can accommodate a few pairs of clothing and shoes, while a padded laptop compartment helps you keep it safe at all times. A front organizer pocket makes enough room to stash office essentials.

4. For the bride-to-be

For the one who is soon-to-be married, this peach bridal suitcase set makes a perfect entry. Available in 3-piece and 2-piece luggage sets, the Paris collection is curated in six gorgeous colors ensuring there’s one to match her persona and charm.

5. For the detail-oriented

And for the one who pays attention to details, a personalized luggage tag with her name inscription can win much adulation. This rose gold personalized luggage tag is made from premium PU leather and can be dispatched within 8-10 days.

Jul 14, 2022

Monsoon is here! The rain adds a refreshing touch to the surroundings and lures travellers to explore the unknown. It’s one of the best times of the year to take out your travel gear and hit the road. However, the monsoon adventures can come crashing if you don’t plan them well. The kind of travel bags, luggage, and accessories you carry during monsoon travel plays a significant role in your journeys.

Here are four travel gears that will act as saviours during your monsoon escapades or daily commute in the rainy season.

1. Hardcase luggage

A hardcase suitcase protects your belongings from monsoon showers like no other. Nasher Miles’ hardside suitcases and trolley bags are water-resistant and deter raindrops from drenching your clothing, gadgets, and other belongings. It protects them even if it accidentally comes in contact with roadside splashes, muddy puddles, or wet roads.

2. Backpack rain cover

This backpack rain cover can come to your rescue when you have “no time to wait for the rain to pass.” Apt for any medium to large-sized backpacks, this backpack rain cover is made from reinforced PU-coated waterproof polyester material. The elasticized circumference ensures a snug fit when it rains while its lightweight enables you to carry it at all times.

3. Outdoor backpacks

An exclusive range of Nasher Miles outdoor backpacks with built-in rain covers is another popular choice for monsoon travel. Made from premium water-repellent materials, these outdoor backpacks with rain covers have multiple compartments on the inside and quick-access pockets on the outside.

4. Luggage covers

A classy luggage cover is another item that you must use during your monsoon travel. The highly stretchable yet snug luggage covers from Nasher Miles are made from polyester-spandex. These will take on all the dirt and muck that comes as the part and parcel of monsoon travel and help keep your luggage clean and spruced up.

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Jul 06, 2022

Softside luggage has been in demand for decades. The expandable and flexible softside luggage lend ample storage space to travelers who like to be ready for that extra space on demand. Perfect for vacations and business trips that are expected to go beyond planned schedules; here are five things that make softside luggage from Nasher Miles an over packer’s easy win:

1.       1Expansion

The #1 reason why some travelers prefer a soft sided suitcase over hard side luggage is its ability to stretch that extra bit with over stuffed.. The Nasher Miles softside trolley bags can be easily expanded by up to 25% of their original size. The extra packing space comes in handy to pack your souvenirs back home or to fit-in “just in case” items.

2. Sturdiness

Softside luggage is often criticized for falling short on sturdiness compared to their hardside counterparts. However, at Nasher Miles, due care is taken while designing and manufacturing softside suitcases. The use of superior quality polyester and nylon makes the softside bags sturdy, flexible, as well as lightweight. The zippers also play an important role and we ensure that only the most resilient quality zippers are used in our products.

Our range of best soft sided luggage is heavy duty. It is scratch and tear-resistant, easy to clean, and comes with a water-repellent finish.

3. Colours

Move away from the rhetoric and dull shades of softside luggage and get a “thumbs up” with our vibrant collection every time you set out to embark on a new journey. An assortment of soft-side trolley bags in pink, cyan, red, maroon, purple, navy blue, olive, brown, and the ubiquitous black awaits you at the Nasher Miles softside luggage collection.

4. Maneuverability

Unlike most softside luggage brands, Nasher Miles soft sided suitcases are built with 4-wheel as well as 8-wheel 360-degree spinner wheels to keep you at ease on any surface. These multi-directional silent spinner wheels don’t need an extra push and glide effortlessly in tandem with you.

5. Extra space

Multiple compartments on the inside and extra pockets on the outside lend ample space to travelers. Every single collection in the Nasher Miles softside luggage range is meticulously designed to meet every over packer’s needs.

Check the entire range of best softside carry on luggage at Nasher Miles today!

Jun 29, 2022

The Auroville hardside luggage collection has just landed in the Nasher Miles range of premium luggage sets. The extremely lightweight collection of small, medium and large suitcases is perfect for those planning long trips. Matching accessories and magnificent colors make the Auroville collection stand out from our other top sellers. The suitcases come with multiple compartments and fully lined interiors that exude luxury and finesse.

Available in eight color schemes, the Auroville luggage sets by Nasher Miles are a paradise of calming colours, perfect for making your summer sojourns stylishly planned.

Consider this Mint Green luggage set for an ultra-cool vibe on your next summer trip. It’s a perfect all-in-one carrier of your travel essentials that won’t break under stress.