3 Reasons Why Siblings Make the Best Travel Partners

Aug 03, 2022

If there’s one person on Earth who knows you in and out, it’s got to be your sibling. If travelling together during school summer vacations seems nostalgic, it’s never too late to make your siblings your travel buddies again and lend an all-different vibe to your vacays. At Nasher Miles, we’ve compiled three big reasons why siblings make the best travel partners.


1. A no-fuss affair

Travelling with your siblings is a no-fuss affair. From openly discussing your budgets to planning your itineraries, you can think aloud without worrying about offending others. Furthermore, if you’re sharing your hotel stays or accommodation, there are no surprises whatsoever when your sibling is your travel buddy. Since you know their quirks and nuances, you know what to expect. Also, know that they’ll always have your back, come what may.


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2. New stories & old memories

You’ll enjoy reminiscing the old days with your partners in crime as much as unfurling the new chapters of your life with them. Furthermore, you’ll not find yourself short of conversations even for a single moment and behold how life has come full circle. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy closely witnessing your sibling’s grown-up personality and wonder how fast life has been.


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3. Sibling convo is therapeutic

You know you can speak your heart out to your siblings. From discussing current relationships, careers, and dreams, to future plans, there’s no one better than your brother or sister who can listen to you patiently, understand your concerns, and give you the best life advice you can get. Travelling with your siblings also gives you quality time for deep conversations and to unbottle bottled-up feelings. Did someone say, sibling chats are therapeutic? Indeed!


However, like the two sides of a coin, travelling with your sibling may become overwhelming if one person is too dependent on the other. It works well if you’re ready to take the added responsibility; however, you can read reason#1 again to make them aware of their responsibilities as fellow travelers!