Are travel neck pillows worth it? Let’s talk about comfortable travel.

Apr 01, 2022

When we say travel neck pillows, what do you think of? Airplanes, right?

Travel season is just around the corner and we love that but let’s not forget that no matter how much one loves to travel it can be somewhat of an uncomfortable experience. With the current pandemic restrictions in place, it might also get a little more complicated.

If you’re planning a trip, chances are you’re going to be travelling for long hours, and don’t you just hate it when you can’t figure out what position to put yourself in so you finally get some rest?

Remember all those times when you’ve accidentally fallen asleep in the wrong position and woke up with severe neck pain and sore muscles? Because we all know those airplane/ bus or train headrests are far from comfortable!

Most people, including us, struggle with getting some rest while travelling without having to strain their necks and muscles. One invention that has helped solve this issue to a certain extent is the travel neck pillow. 

Buying a travel neck pillow may seem like a good investment in cases where you’re going to be travelling for a longer time and distance. So are travel neck pillows really worth it? Let’s look at some stuff related to travel neck pillows and we will help you determine if a travel neck pillow is a worthy investment or if you should just not get one.

 Neck Pillows and what they do:

Travel neck pillows are pillows that wrap gently around your neck to prevent it from getting stiff. It’s not unheard of, the fact that travel neck pillows help reduce neck pain and discomfort, but let us ask you, do you know how travel neck pillows can help? 

Let’s take a look:

1. Neck Pillows and the Cervical Spine

The Cervical Spine is made up of the seven bones in your neck. In the middle of these bones, there are cushion-like sponges that are held up with the help of muscles and tendons. The normal shape of the spine may be disturbed if one sleeps in a position where the neck is bent or extended for a long period of time. This in turn may be harmful to the spine and can result in intense pain and fatigue. 

Research on the pros and cons of neck pillows, reveals that a good neck pillow that is firm and helps support the neck adequately is better than a regular pillow and helps reduce neck pain in the longer run.  

Some physiotherapists may also recommend use of these neck pillows as opposed to the ones usually used on a regular basis.

2. Prevents Fatigue

Imagine falling asleep on the plane and waking up more exhausted than you were before your nap? Oh no!

A travel neck pillow helps you sleep better and prevents you from feeling tired and fatigued after your nap. It is designed in order to make you feel comfortable and well-rested even in minimal space, such as an airplane or bus seat. 

 3. Sleep Apnea and Snoring

A memory foam neck pillow helps keep your neck straight which means it prevents your airways from being blocked. This reduces your chances of experiencing Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea refers to a condition wherein a person stops and starts breathing in gaps of short periods. It causes shortness of breath and disturbed sleep. 

Neck pillows also prevent one from snoring. So they’re a win-win always!

4. Posture

Neck pillows have been known to help with maintaining posture helping you sit comfortably in an upright position, in turn reducing back and neck pain when travelling.

What should you look for when purchasing a travel neck pillow?

1. How comfortable is it?

Comfort comes first!

The first thing one must factor in while buying a travel neck pillow is comfort. 

Now this might depend solely on you, the level of comfort you might require may be different from what someone else does. 

One needs to be comfortable in order to get some good amount of rest while travelling, so you might want to get a neck pillow that meets your requirements and expectations of comfort. 

If you know you’re going to be sitting for long hours, you should ideally go for a U shaped neck pillow so you can rest your head on it comfortably while simply sitting up in your seat. 

2. What is the texture like?

It is helpful to consider the texture of the neck pillow before purchasing it. This is what is important and this is what makes a pillow comfortable/ uncomfortable for you. 

A general piece of advice would be to purchase a firm textured one with soft material or fabric. Keep in mind that a stiff neck pillow would be able to provide you with the right amount of stability. 

3. What is the ideal size for a travel neck pillow?

We’re going to answer this question for you right away: One that fits into your luggage!

When buying a travel neck pillow make sure that it is small and handy. A memory foam pillow is generally preferred by most people while travelling for longer hours as they are tiny in size and easier to compress when compared to an inflatable one. 

4. What fabric is it made of?

Making this as convenient for you as possible, we’d advise you to go for an easily washable one. Just toss it in your washing machine and you’re good to go!

Also, make sure the fabric is soft and stretchy as this helps make the pillow just a tad bit more comfortable for you.

5. How durable is it?

The durability factor in purchasing a travel neck pillow is an important one. If you’re looking for one that lasts a lifetime of travel you might want to consider going for good quality pillows that may be a little more expensive than the rest. 

6. How much does it cost?

When buying a travel neck pillow, most people tend to consider the quality and durability of it but we recommend you get one that is affordable according to your budget, yet not too cheap. 

A pillow that fits your budget but also meets your expectations of comfort and quality is a good one and hear us out on this: a little investment into a lifelong travel companion is a good thing.

 Before you buy a neck pillow ask yourself questions like:

a. Is the pillow good for your neck and back muscles? If the answer is yes, go for it!

b. Are there any features to make it stay in place? For instance, straps? Make sure to check for extra features because extra features= extra comfort.

c. What makes the pillow different from the rest in the market? If it has distinguishing factors that help make your travel more comfortable, go ahead and get it!

Make your decision after you get answers to all of the above. 

What is the best way to purchase a travel neck pillow?

When you’re already running late and get this tempting urge to just grab the U-shaped pillow you see at one of the shops at the airport, Stop yourself. 

You walk into the first shop at the airport and the neck pillows they have look fairly comfortable don’t they?

What you don’t realise is that airports may not be the best place to buy a travel neck pillow.

Airport shops know that you’re looking for a ray of comfort to make your travel easier so they tend to make their pillows with inexpensive materials that last a considerably shorter period of time. Your comfort may or may not be a priority for them. 

The best way to buy a travel neck pillow is to examine your alternatives, do some research and go for one that provides some kind of warranty. At the end of this article you’ll find an easy, assured, good option for the same. 

When purchasing a pillow online, make sure to read the customer reviews so you know which pillow is best for you. Trusting a previous consumer of the product is the right thing to do. Needless to say, you must pick the one with the best reviews.

It is also important to consider the factors stated above such as comfort, durability, fabric, cost, etc. while making a purchase online. 

Also consider your ways of sleeping in a seat when buying a travel neck pillow, for instance: if you tend to sleep with your chin fallen while sitting up in your seat, you might want to get a pillow with a strap for some extra neck support. 

You might also want to go for a pillow from a company that offers a replacement guarantee. This would mean that the pillow is genuinely durable. 

Don’t forget, planning your comfortable travel in advance is the key.

What you must also know: The drawbacks to travel neck pillows

Sleep is necessary and we all know that so you don’t want to muck about it. 

While research on the topic of the effectiveness of travel pillows is limited, there are a lot of consumers that rate them highly or decently to the least. 

Keeping your head upright while sitting on a plane is not the most convenient thing to do, especially when it keeps weighing forward while travelling in the air. Traditionally shaped U neck pillows fail to provide a good amount of side support. These pillows are also not very helpful when it comes to supporting your chin when it tips forward. 

Not to mention, the round back of the neck does not sit very well with the seat of an airplane/ train or a bus. 

Keeping these things in mind, it is of significance to side with advanced technology and the latest products when it comes to comfort. 

Pillows that are made with the common issues faced by the traveler in mind, such as pillows made of memory foam as opposed to traditional inflatable ones or ones made of polyester or cotton. Pillows that are gel infused also tend to be better for ventilation when compared to those made of polyester. Polyester pillows are easier to sanitize and hence widely used by airports. 

Some new pillows also come with adjustable straps that provide stability keeping your head from wobbling to the sides when travelling. These straps also help one with frontal support for better neck posture. They support your chin and help keep your head up straight. 

So it all ultimately depends not upon the pillow but upon the design of the pillow you pick, taking into consideration the factors stated above. The wrong ones tend to have drawbacks while the right ones may make your travelling experience x10 times better. 

Recent developments in technology have made sure travelling is more convenient and favourable for us. 

So are travel neck pillows even worth it?

Travel Neck Pillows have been proven to be of essence. For centuries, people have tried to come up with ways to make travelling more comfortable and easy for themselves, on buses, planes, cars or any other way. 

The modern inventions and designs, such as a neck pillow, is the solution to a very appropriate and common question, “What can I do to feel well rested after a nap on an airplane?”

In order to come up with a real alternative for uncomfortable travel, one may purchase a good quality memory foam neck pillow, preferably one that is gel infused for better ventilation, one that has adjustable straps and is made of lightweight, easy to clean fabric.

If you’re someone that prefers to travel in comfort at all times, a neck pillow is made just for you!


Get ready to say goodbye to uncomfortably shifting in your seat trying to look for the perfect position to fall asleep in. Just pick the Nasher Miles neck pillow and comfort comes guaranteed. Who knows, maybe you’ll sleep like a baby on your next flight!

Travel with comfort and style with Nasher Miles premium comfort accessories. Memory foam is made of 100% Polyurethane. Pillow covers 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex. Nasher Miles neck Pillow is easy to carry, soft and perfect for travellers.

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Take it from us, travel neck pillows are worth the hype.

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