Bruges Hardside Suitcases: Go the Extra Mile This Summer with Nasher M

May 30, 2022

A sturdy suitcase is a basic travel necessity. Two popular options of suitcases you can consider while planning your summer vacation are hard case luggage and soft case. Keeping softside luggage for some other day, let's put the spotlight on hardside luggage, sometimes also called – hard shell luggage or hardcase suitcases.

A hardside suitcase lets you pack your luggage in the most organized way. It's chic, lightweight, and most importantly, sturdy; however, at Nasher Miles, we've created the Bruges hardside luggage collection precisely the next level. Let us take you through five points that make this hard case luggage perfect to go that extra mile this summer.

1. Colorways

A myriad of colors awaits you inside the Bruges hardside luggage collection on Nasher Miles. Whether it's the uber-cool pastel purple, peach, mint-green, the subtle navy blue and teal, or the feisty red and yellow, the Nasher Miles Bruges collection has a color that depicts your taste and persona.

2. Built to Last

Each hard shell is made with super-tough Polypropylene, which is as durable and resilient as it can get. Did you know? Polypropylene is also one of the lightest thermoplastics, making it the go-to material for hardside luggage. It is also easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

3. Style

Style lies in the details! The Bruges hardcase luggage boasts matching accessories. The suitcase is an authentic statement piece of all things monochrome, from handles to zippers and wheels. A built-in lock is also a plus and does away with the need for an extra awkward-looking lock.

4. Maneuverability

The smooth-as-butter yet silent spinner wheels facilitate effortless gliding on various surfaces. What's more? The 360-degree wheels let you push or pull your suitcase in any direction. And to add to your ultra-convenience, the retractable telescopic handles make the pulling mechanism swift.

5. Spacious Interiors

Another cherry on the cake, each Bruges hardshell suitcase comes complete with an inner lining, down straps, and a zippered divider. The luggage bag also comprises two mesh pockets and a hinged pocket to keep things separate and organized.


Check the Nasher Miles Bruges hard case luggage collection that is truly a bigger bang for your buck!