Budget Flight Travel Tips

Apr 17, 2022

Economy flights have reduced the once luxurious mode of travel to the uncomfortable ‘get it over with’ part of our journey. We’ve got some tips to make the journey more comfortable for you. Here are some tips to ease that dreaded budget travel long flight you’ve booked on –

Be mindful of the kind of luggage you choose. Airlines today have strict airline policies. Lightweight travel trolley bags could save you from a heavy baggage fee.

Dress comfortably with a ting of stylish, for upgrades are possible and it’s easier to ask for a freebie when you aren’t in scruffy stained clothes and flip flops. Dark colors are easier to maintain so keep away that sparkling white skirt for afterwards.

Keep an eye out for empty rows, and sleep business-class style. Confirm and occupy it before somebody else acts on the same bright idea! The ideal time to get these seats is moments after the boarding is complete and the crew starts closing the door.

If you are seated on the middle or window seat, take that toilet break at the first opportunity. You don’t want to jump over sleeping bodies later on to get to the loo.

Supress the urge to take that extra glass of free wine and ask for water instead, your body will thank you later. The pressurized air in the cabin has 0% humidity and is a notorious dehydrator.

Pack a couple of snacks in your cabin bag. Theplas, khakras, protein bars can really stave of the munchies and you’re not dependent on the flight snack schedule for your tidbits.

Carry noise cancelling earphones and relaxing music along and block out that cranky kid who is unfortunately seated close to you. Patience is a necessary virtue in the long haul flights but make it a little easier for yourself by blocking out the noise-makers with some mellow tunes.

Avoid booking on the last row of the plane. Those seats don’t recline and all your shut-eye will have to be done upright or using your seat mate’s shoulder.

Power up- make sure you have all your chargers with you so that you can keep all your gadgets powered up throughout your flight.

Pack a pillow and a blanket. There are tons of different travel pillows on the market. Find out which one works for you and go with it. Also, not all airlines provide blankets so you might want to bring your own, or at least a cozy shawl or jacket.

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