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May 02, 2022

When it comes to business trips, a little pressure or nervousness always tags along- perhaps because you are on your way to closing an important deal, to be a part of an esteemed trade-show, to lead a meeting overseas or to promote a new/existing product. Anything that holds the power to accelerate our professional growth, deserves our full attention. Before you embark on your journey to success, it’s important to leave the baggage behind and keep more room for confidence and determination!

We, at Nasher Miles, understand how important it is for your head to be in the right place to make the most of these professional opportunities and for your business trips to be productive. Of course, only you can ensure the success of your business endeavor but we can help make your journey easier with Nasher Miles’ best luggage for business travel– Hard-side Suitcases, Corporate Backpacks and Laptop Roller Cases. The exclusive business travel luggage will surely make you feel a little lighter, literally and figuratively.

Hard-side Suitcases:

If you are going on a business trip that extends beyond a week, then a hard-shell suitcase made of poly-carbonate is a smart choice- light luggage that’s still tough and durable is ideal for a short business trip.

Key Features-

1. Premium Design: The ABS poly-carbonate shell helps keep the suitcase lightweight and helps absorb impact while protecting its contents.

2. Front Compartment: The easy access front compartment can hold a 15.6 inch laptop and smaller items like pens, mobiles and the like.

3. Side-mounted Lock: An in-built side-mounted number lock ensures that no extra lock and key is needed to secure your bag.

4. Telescopic Handle: An aluminium telescopic handle that is lockable at 2 different heights, makes for a comfortable grip.

5. Interiors: Fully lined interiors, cross-straps and a zippered privacy curtain helps in efficient organisation of items.

6. Work Smart. Travel Smart: It acts as a two-in-one bag, combining the laptop bag and a suitcase.

Laptop Roller Cases:

If a business travel cabin bag is your style, then pick a Laptop Roller Case for your trip! The wheels effortlessly get you through those long airport stretches while keeping all your belongings in one place and in one piece!

Key Features-

1. Padded Laptop Compartment: The Laptop Roller Case is equipped with a lockable, separate padded laptop sleeve, suitable for laptops up to 16 inches.

2. Front Organizer Pocket: There is an easy access front pocket for smaller items like pens, notepads and business cards.

3. Spacious Compartment For Clothes & Accessories: Large compartment to accommodate extra clothes/shoes. The water-resistant material helps protect these items.

4. Retractable Telescopic & Top Carry Handle: An aluminium telescopic handle that is lockable at 2 different heights, makes for a comfortable grip.

5. Side-mounted Lock: An in-built side mounted number lock ensures that no extra lock and key is needed to secure your bag.

6. Silent Spinner Wheels: The case comes with multi-directional silent spinner wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, promoting easy maneuverability.

Corporate Backpacks:

Going on a one-day business trip? Pick a Corporate Backpack without a second thought! Nasher Miles’ premium corporate backpack makes for the best business cabin luggage on short business trips!

 Key Features-

1. Anti-theft Backpack: The bag boasts a hard front made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) that makes it difficult for one to cut into the backpack.

2. USB Charge Port: The backpack comes with an built-in USB charging port outside and an built-in charging cable inside.

3. Highly Padded Laptop & Tablet Compartment: The bag has a separate highly padded zippered section for your laptop and tablet.

4. Anti-theft Zippers: It is equipped with zippers that tamper-proofs your bag and cannot be opened by sticking a sharp object in.

5. Secret Pocket: A handy little pocket has been sneaked in in the back of the bag for an extra touch of security.

6. Interior Pockets: The bag comes with a separate section with mesh pockets and a secret pocket at the back.

Now that we’ve made the luggage choosing task a little easier for you, it’s time for you to get on-board without any hassle and give your unwavering attention to your aspirations!

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