Diwali 2022 Gets Bigger and Brighter with Nasher Miles

Oct 19, 2022

Diwali is all about going back home and celebrating the festival of lights with our family. Anyone staying afar from their native city, town, or village craves to be with their family to light up from within. This Diwali 2022, a gift from the diverse range of luggage pieces and suitcase sets of Nasher Miles can make the festival bigger and brighter for your loved ones. We’ve curated a list of things that you can order and gift yourself or get delivered directly to your family.

1. Laptop Roller Cases

Laptop backpacks make for a perfect gift for youngsters, while laptop bags on wheels can be considered for those who either do business travel or carry their laptops along on journeys, near and far. Laptop roller cases from Nasher Miles are distinct, thoughtfully designed, and last longer due to their sturdiness, making them the most admired Diwali Gift you can present.

2. A Carry-on Bag

A carry-on bag may be the smallest in a luggage set of 3; however, it can be the biggest gift amongst the stack of all Diwali gifts. Of all things travel, a carry-on or small suitcase comes to the rescue for weekend getaways and can be used for everyday storage when home.

3. Personalized Luggage Tags

Order personalized luggage tags online for your entire family and make this Diwali truly memorable. When the entire clan travels with similar yet unique luggage tags, it adds to the joy of travel and imbibes a sense of belongingness.

4. A Luggage Set

A luggage set of 3 or 2 can take your family by surprise and let them relish this gift for a lifetime. Scroll through one of the widest collections of luggage sets available online and pick one that matches your vibe.

5. A Gift Card

Nasher Miles’ Gift Card is tailor-made for you if you aren’t sure which gift to choose or you want to lend your family the power to choose their own gift. The gift card can be ordered and sent in less than 5 minutes. It can be redeemed within 12 months of the date of issuance giving your loved ones plenty of time to go through each and every collection on Nasher Miles.