Keep It Light: Guide To Travelling With Only Carry-on Luggage

Mar 01, 2022

In the age of hustle culture, most of us hardly get the time to step out of our own little worlds to navigate the real one beyond the boundaries. But, ever so rarely, the opportunity to reinvent ourselves does present itself in the form of a vacation; and when it does, we must embrace it with open arms. When we embark on journeys to escape the monotony of life, it is important to leave the weight of the world behind; including the heavy luggage that is only going to slow you down.

On relaxing vacations, you must choose to take the things that you need; because what you truly want is awaiting you at the destination. And, the best way to do so is to travel with only a carry-on bag. Let’s dive a little deeper into the ease of traveling with lightweight carry-on luggage by your side; starting with what purpose it serves, and the many benefits it can bring you-

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1. What Is A Carry-on Suitcase?

2. Ace The Art Of Packing: 7 Quick Tips.

3. Travel Light with Nasher Miles.

What Is A Carry-on Suitcase?

Unlike checked baggage that is transported in the cargo section of the plane, carry-on luggage is usually a bag that you can take on board the plane with you. It is also called a ‘cabin bag’ – this is a more popular term of the two.

All the airplanes are equipped with luggage compartment spaces to store carry-on luggage. The storage space is situated in overhead lockers or under seating. Your cabin bag is stowed in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. This smaller bag contains all the things that you may need during your travel, like important documents (passports, wallet, ID Cards), a water bottle, or some magazines or books to keep you entertained on the flight.

Moreover, a carry-on bag does not always have to be a small suitcase, it could also be a duffle bag, a satchel, or a carry-on backpack! Here are some of the advantages of traveling with only a cabin bag-

Cabin Luggage: The Ideal Travel Companion

When you are setting out on a short vacation meant for you to forget your worries for a little while, a carry-on bag is your best bet. Your journeys become much more comfortable and convenient when you do not have to drag 2-3 heavy suitcases along with you-

1. Long wait at the conveyor belt, no more:

After every flight, we have all found ourselves waiting at the airport conveyor belt for what feels like ages, in hopes that the next bag that turns up will be ours. This is especially frustrating when you have gotten off the plane after a long flight. After all, all you want to do after long travels is to reach the accommodation and rest before you get exploring. Carrying only a cabin bag means that you do not have any checked baggage to wait for. As soon as the flight lands, you are free to step out of the ever-crowded airport and into a whole new world that is waiting to welcome you.

2. Less anxiety, more excitement:

When you only carry one little bag, you never have to leave it behind. You can carry it around with you everywhere, with all your valuable belongings safely tucked inside. You can move through the busy streets of the city faster, in search of new adventures. These bags prove to be a blessing especially when you have to use public transport. Your carry-on bag can effortlessly accommodate itself under the bus seat or in the compact compartment on trains.

3. Easier to keep your belongings safe:

When travelling in trains or buses, how many times do we wake up in the middle of the night to check if our larger suitcases are secure or not? This is something you never have to worry about when you carry only one small bag. It is much easier to keep an eye on it, and to guard it close to you. Besides, the larger suitcases are often stored away from the passengers. They are mostly stuffed in with the other luggage bags. As such, the chances of the bag and your fragile belongings getting damaged are higher.

4. Reduced back and shoulder aches:

While traveling, we often have to navigate the long airport stretches, and then the city or town streets until we reach our accommodation. When you opt for a large suitcase, it is sure to weigh you down after a point, and bring a world of pain to your back and arms. Even if the bag is equipped with spinner wheels, you will still have to use some arm strength to move it around.

5. Save on unnecessary expenditures:

One of the most obvious advantages is that carry-on luggage saves you from the hefty check-in charges. Most of the airlines have strict check-in luggage policies in place; you avoid these costs traveling with a carry-on. In addition, if you travel with a couple of large suitcases, you will have to book a cab to carry them around. With a small bag, you can choose to take public transport, saving on the commuting costs.

When you travel only with one cabin bag, it is obvious that you will be left with limited space; meaning that you will have to get creative when it comes to packing. Being organised while packing is already a taxing task. When you take the bigger suitcase out of the picture, it only makes things more challenging – you have around 20 items laid out on your bed, but only room for some 10 items.

Yes, large suitcases give you the liberty to pack it all, but short vacations do not require as many items. To help you master the art of packing for these little trips, here are some of the quick tips on how to pack efficiently:

Ace The Art Of Packing: 7 Quick Tips

1. Choose the ideal multi compartment carry-on:

Most of the bags by Nasher Miles are equipped with fully lined roomy interiors, down straps and zippered dividers to secure contents and promote easy organization. Our backpacks also come with quick access external (front and side) pockets. The many designated compartments help you pack better.

2. Master the art of rolling instead of folding:

There’s no need to envy your friend’s neatly folded clothes. Roll with your own style instead! Rolling your clothes goes a long way in preventing creases. For the tops, you can fold in the sleeves and start rolling from bottom to top. For the pants, you can place the legs one on top of the other and start rolling from top to bottom.

3. Opt for travel-friendly materials:

Opt for wrinkle-free shirts and stretch fabrics, hang them in the closet once you reach your destination and watch the creases fall out automatically. Even if you have to stuff a piece of clothing in the bag at the last minute, it will still retain its glorious form when you take it out.

4. Leverage the power of packing cubes:

Packing cubes are zippered fabric containers that often come in a rectangular shape and are small enough to snuggle into a cabin bag, suitcase or backpack. All you have to do is roll your clothing and put them in these cubes. They are lightweight, delineate space and look tidy. They are great for organizing and generally have see-through windows to help you see what’s packed inside.

5. Invest in travel compression bags:

These are incredibly simple to work with. You simply have to fold your clothes and slide them inside the bag, seal the zip-lock top, then roll the bag to squeeze out all the air. By removing excess air, items that usually take up more space like sweaters and jackets are compressed, and you save space.

6. Pick clothing pieces that are easy to pair:

Go for colors and patterns that mix and match easily. Carry single pieces instead of sets. Bring clothes that are neutral in color, such as white, brown, black, or blue so they go well, regardless of how you choose to pair them. Shoes take up a good 40% of your suitcase/bag space. If you wish to pack light, one pair of shoes is enough. If you are going to spend most of your time on the beach, a pair of flip flops should do. For adventure trips, pack a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

7. Pack only the must-haves:

Here is where your prioritizing skills will be truly tested and where you put your needs before your wants. Pack only the must-haves; it is absolutely mandatory to leave the unnecessary behind! Lay out everything you think you might need. Look at every item and ask yourself if you are truly going to use it while on your vacation. If it is not a confident yes, ditch it. Even if it’s a favorite, it’s going to be waiting for you once you return.

Travel Light with Nasher Miles

More often than not, the primary purpose for travelling is to explore more. With this belief, we at Nasher Miles, have curated a premium range of luggage collections to help you travel conveniently. Our duffle bags, backpacks, and laptop roller cases make for the ideal carry-on luggage. Being spacious, and equipped with multiple other features, these bags can easily accommodate all you could possibly need for a short vacation. Here are some of the features of our bags that make them the ideal compact travel companion-

Outdoor Backpacks

Premium Material: Our polyester bags are water-repellent, and great at resisting abrasion and tearing. The nylon bags are anti-shrinkage and anti-scratch. 

Rain Cover: Come sunshine or rain – your belongings will stay protected at all times with our built-in rain guard. They keep your items dry even if you find yourself stuck in a thunderstorm.

Laptop Compartment: Our backpacks also come with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Quick Access Front Compartments: The front zippered compartment makes for smart organization of pens, phone and any quick to access items.

Ideal for Outdoors: Our compact outdoor backpacks are a preferred choice amongst day trekkers.

Casual Backpacks

Premium Material: Our backpacks are made of tear-resistant, anti-scratch and anti-shrinkage twill polyester material and a denim look material that is tear-resistant.

 Sweat-proof Back and Straps: The back and top handles are padded for ease, and are made of a sweat-resistant material for no staining.

 Front Pocket Office Organiser: The large U-zip front pocket organiser is designed exclusively for easy organisation of pens, pencils, phone, sunglasses and any quick access items.

Laptop Compartment: The backpacks come with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Ideal For College Use: Our casual backpacks are equipped with features that provide additional utility to make college life easier.

Corporate Backpacks

Excellent Material: Our backpacks are made of premium quality polyester and nylon, making them water-resistant, tear-resistant, anti-scratch and durable. Anti-Theft Zippers: The bags also have ultra-secure zippers that tamper-proof your bag. They cannot be opened by sticking a sharp object in.

USB & AUX Charge Port: This feature is sure to impress the on-the-go professionals. The backpacks have a built-in USB charging port outside and built-in charging cable inside.

Padded Laptop & Tablet Compartment: Being corporate backpacks, they are equipped with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Quick Access Front Organiser: The front zippered compartment makes for smart organization of pens, phone and the other items that you need handy.

Duffle Bags

Premium Material: Our duffle bags are born out of premium Nylon and Melange fabric. Both the materials are durable, resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

Multi-Purpose: Our duffle bags come in three sizes to serve different purposes. The small bag is ideal for the gym, the medium for a 3-day trip, and the large for a 7-day vacation.

Spacious Main Compartment: The main compartment of these bags is impressively spacious with a separate zippered section for smaller items.Top Pick-up Handle & Shoulder Sling: Our duffel bags come with strong pick-up handles on the top, along with a sturdy strap to carry it as a cross-body sling.

Back Pocket: The accessible back pocket makes organisation a breeze and adds storage space when you need it. A little extra compartment for the extra things you may need!

Laptop Roller Cases

Padded Laptop Compartment: The bags feature a padded interior slot designed for a 16-inch laptop. You can slip it inside and secure it with the Velcro strap for enhanced stability.

Front Organizer Pocket: The zippered front pocket offers useful space for quickly accessing belongings such as paper notepads, pens and markers, cell phone, business cards, and such.

Superior Fabric: Made of a superior quality of polyester, the bags do not absorb moisture and are stain-resistant. They help protect your laptop, clothes and other important material.

Quick Access Compartment: The small quick access compartment is provided for keeping frequently accessed items like mobile phones, passport, sunglasses etc.

Silent Spinner Wheels: The roller cases have multi-directional silent spinner wheels, making it easier to maneuver over different surfaces. 

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