Personalized Luggage Tags | There’s One for Every Traveler @ Nasher Miles

Jun 21, 2022

A luggage tag or bag tag is one smart travel accessory that can save you from a lot of trouble at the luggage claim carousel on your next trip. In a flood of similar-looking luggage and trolley bags, a travel tag can help identify your luggage bag effortlessly. It averts the chance of someone else claiming your luggage and leaving you clueless. A lost travel bag with a luggage tag has a higher chance of returning to its original owner.


Nasher Miles' newly launched range of bag tags takes your travel quotient one notch up. Here are five things that make custom baggage tags from Nasher Miles all the rage with travelers:

1. Personalized Luggage Tags

What makes Nasher Miles custom luggage tags drool-worthy is the option of getting your name inscribed and making it a personalized luggage tag. Your name is beautifully etched on the beautiful leather luggage tags to make them stand out. 

2. Vivid Colors

A vast choice of colors from a stunning palette gives travelers a chance to either buy matching travel tags or add that zing to the boring blue or black luggage bags. From rose gold to baby pink luggage tags, buy your favorite luggage tag now!

3. Affordable Price

The newly launched collection of Nasher Miles travel tags comes at a 50% early-bird discount, making these luggage tags affordable. Whether you want to buy your favorite bright pink travel tag or a sea-green luggage tag, each starts at a flat Rs.249!

4. Leather Luggage Tags

The Nasher Miles premium PU leather luggage tags are soft and durable. Forget those pesky plastic travel tags; these leather luggage tags exude elegance and reward your eye for detail.

5. Various Uses

When not traveling, you can use your bag tag to label your laptop bag, backpack, meal bag, or even handbag. The custom bag tag not only helps you identify your bag, but also exudes a feeling of belonging and a personalized touch.