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Mar 30, 2022

A great, wise man named Chief Seattle said, “Take only memories, leave only footprints.”

These words stand true for travelers all around the world. People feel the need to take home a little something of every place so it serves as a memory somewhere down the line. They forget that every minute spent traveling is a memory on its own! Anything and everything that moves us, naturally stays with us forever!

To travel is to experience, to savour and to take home souvenirs in the form of memories and not things. It’s about being in the moment, opening our hearts and minds and letting the beauty of it all sink in, little by little and then all at once. Nasher Miles brings you the chance to ‘Pack Memories’! Be it a week-long vacation or a two-day business trip, luggage by Nasher Miles offers a safe shelter for everything you’d require during every kind of travel.

When you set out on a journey, the one thing that has your back is your travel bag! It has been there and done it all with you. After the travel purpose and travel destination, the next big question is- which bags are suitable for which kind of travel? The answer lies with Nasher Miles-

This Blog includes

Hard-sided Luggage – Pack Euphoria

Soft-sided Luggage – Pack Escape

Corporate Luggage – Pack Aspirations

Backpacks – Pack Adventure

Hard-sided Luggage – Pack Euphoria

When you have a lot of fragile items to carry in the suitcase, Nasher Miles’ hardside travel luggage is the ideal choice! With a co-extrusive polycarbonate shell, they protect the suitcase contents like no other. The durable suitcases sport attractive designs and decorative patterns, and are easier to clean compared to fabric bags.


-Made from 100% pure polypropylene which is light, strong, durable, scratch-resistant and resilient.

-Fully lined roomy interior & zippered divider to secure contents & easy organization.

-Built-in TSA lock with a resettable number code for secure travel to any destination.

-8 quiet airplane, multi-directional silent spinner wheels, making it easier to manoeuvre.

-Retractable aluminium telescopic handle, lockable at 2 different heights & a comfortable grip for comfortable maneuvering.

-360-degree spinner wheels and a telescopic handle allow for effortless movement.

Soft-sided Luggage – Pack Escape

Nasher Miles’ soft sided travel luggage collection promotes flexibility above all. They are great for packing more than what you had on your list. Made of a softer shell, they can easily make room to stuff irregularly-shaped things. Being flexible, they also fit well into small spaces like overhead bins or luggage racks on trains and buses.


-Made from superior quality polyester that makes it flexible, lightweight and sturdy.

-Expander option of up to 25% more capacity to make room for more.

-Anti-theft, double coil zip that cannot be opened by sticking a sharp object in.

-Easy and quick access external pockets.

-In-built side mounted number lock which ensures that no extra lock and key is needed.

-Top plus side handles to pick the bag up horizontally or upright with ease.

Corporate Luggage – Pack Aspirations

The business travel backpack by Nasher Miles is designed to serve the on-the-go professionals! The smart backpack is made of high-quality fabric, is water-repellent, and resists abrasion. Among its many features, the USB Charge Port takes the crown- the backpack is equipped with a built-in USB charging port outside and built-in charging cable inside. What’s more? With its sophisticated design it’ll help you make the right first impression.


-Made from superior 1680D double-pile polyester.

-Large padded section that offers safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

-Ultra-padded and sweat resistant back.

-Built-in rain cover to protect your contents.

-Handy little pocket at the back of the bag for some extra security.

-Separate sections to keep your contents neat and organized.

Backpacks – Pack Adventure

Nasher Miles is home to both, outdoor and casual backpacks! The compact outdoor backpack is the ideal backpack luggage for travel and is a favourite among day trekkers. On the other hand, the casual backpack comes with great details that provide additional utility to make college life easier.

Features – Outdoor Backpacks

-Made of tear-resistant, anti-scratch 900D Gucci nylon for lasting durability.

-Built-in rain cover to protect your contents.

-sweat-resistant back and shoulder straps for maximum comfort and zero stains.

Features – Casual Backpacks

-Made of tear-resistant, anti-scratch twill polyester material for lasting durability.

-Large padded section that offers safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

-Quick access front compartments for smart organization of small items.

So, what are you waiting for? Get. Set. Pack! Your hassle-free travel experience with Nasher Miles awaits! Whatever the case, we’ve got your back; browse through premium luggage at:

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