Travel 101: Nasher Miles’ Ultimate Guide to Buy Luggage Sets in 2022

May 23, 2022

Nothing on earth looks more organized and drool-worthy than a beautiful luggage set at an airport terminal. Coordinating colors and designs make luggage sets no less than statement pieces for those smitten by wanderlust. Buying a luggage set must involve meticulous planning because you would be investing in not just one suitcase but a 3-piece or 2-piece luggage set. Let us take you through some crucial points to consider while buying a luggage set online.


Looks Matter

A decade back, who would have thought that luggage sets would come in colors like pink, purple, yellow, or peach, or they can remind you of a fresh batch of macarons. Both Gen Y and Z believe in owning things that stand out. And when it comes to luggage sets, these generations give equal weightage to looks as much as durability. They prefer colors for every mood, unique designs, and movability in every piece they own. As per experts, travelers seek a reflection of their own personality in the luggage they carry. So, pick a suitcase set that is an extension of your persona and let it do the talking.

Built to Last

Durability is the second most important point to consider while buying a luggage set online. The material used to manufacture the piece is an important deciding factor, while the manufacturer’s warranty must also be considered. Other points to keep in mind are mobility, durability, and performance tests a manufacturer has in place. Overall, the luggage set must last you long enough, if not a lifetime.

Did you know? Nasher Miles CSK 3 Piece Luggage Set comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hard Side or Soft Side

A dilemma that every traveler goes through while buying a luggage set is whether to buy a hard side luggage set or a soft side. Hard side luggage sets earn extra brownie points for being weather-resistant and easy to clean. On the other hand, soft side suitcase sets offer flexibility to pack more than you have planned and give more room to wiggle things.

Pro-Tip: Buy hard side luggage if you’re looking for pink luggage sets, peach luggage sets, or other light hues.

Value for Money

Lastly, your luggage set should be 100% value for money. It shouldn’t carry extra pieces that you’d not use often or like never. Whether you’re buying a 3-piece luggage set or a 2-piece, ascertain in what all scenarios you’d be using the luggage set completely or in parts.

Happy Travelling!