Travel With Ease: Explore The Many Types Of Backpacks

Feb 02, 2022

As the world has evolved for the better, so have the ways of traveling. There are multiple factors today that promote traveling across the globe, to name a few – recent advances in technology, easy access to the many corners of the world, better means of commute, a lifestyle that promotes individualism and the idea of finding bliss in solitude.

Today, people travel for multiple reasons – short professional trips, weekend getaways with family, week-long international trips, road trips with friends, solo trips to the mountain greens or the beach blues. Even the corporate world is swaying away from the hustle culture and is promoting healthy breaks from time to time – all by arranging for corporate trips to uplift the spirit of the employees, enhancing their productivity and keeping their mental health in check.

Globally, travel and tourism’s direct contribution to GDP was approximately 4.7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. The numbers that vouch for the popularity of traveling are on the rise by the hour. So, what is it that makes the concept of travel so appealing? Is it the destination, the journey, the thrill of exploring the unknown or simply the joy of breaking away from the monotony? As a matter of fact, it is a little bit of everything. The ideal travel journeys bring you the best of it all.

Needless to say, we cannot control everything that happens on these trips, there is always an element of uncertainty. However, you can tap into little tricks to attract the odds in our favor. To embark on fruitful trips, be it for personal or professional reasons, there are some hacks that you can leverage, for example – doing a thorough research on your destination, planning your itinerary and making the booking well in advance, selecting the right luggage in accordance with the purpose and the duration of your trip, and so on.

Of all the luggage options available out there, backpacks are the most convenient ones. Let’s start with the basics – what is a backpack? When chosen wisely, a backpack can bring you the best of everything – features, functionality, fashion, and of course the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. It is a complement package when it comes to short trips, or on trips that require you to explore on foot. The backpack category is a vast one that shelters sub categories like – casual backpacks, corporate backpacks, laptop backpacks, outdoor backpacks, college backpacks, camping backpacks and such.

Depending on the kind of travel you are embarking on, it is easy to choose the right luggage – hardside suitcases for long travels where the bags have to be sturdy enough to survive in the airplane’s luggage storage; softside suitcase for when you want to carry extra belonging or bring back a bunch of souvenirs.  But, the true dilemma occurs when you have to choose between a rucksack and a backpack for shorter travels or outdoor activities. 

This Blog includes:

1. Rucksack vs. Backpack

2. Top 10 Different Types Of Backpacks.

3. Premium Backpacks By Nasher Miles.

Rucksack vs. Backpack

Both, backpacks and rucksacks serve you well when it comes to trekking, camping, hiking or any other outdoor activities. So, how is it different from a rucksack backpack? Essentially, there is not much difference between the two when it comes to purpose, but they are slightly different in terms of features and functionalities.

Backpacks come in different shapes and sizes, and specific features like padded laptop sleeves, shoulder straps, tablet sleeves and such. Some simple backpacks are equipped with nothing but a large opening. Whereas rucksacks come with additional pockets along with hip belts to help you carry more items for longer camping trips. They are designed in a way that they can carry heavier loads, and are also longer and at times wider, when compared to backpacks.

Technically speaking, the term ‘backpack’ is a category for all the bags that can be carried on your back, even if it is a compact cabin bag or rectangular school bags. While backpacks are multi-taskers in the sense that they are a suitable option for both everyday office or college use along with hiking trips, rucksacks serve a singular purpose. Given their larger build, these are specially designed for camping purposes and camping purposes only.

The rucksack meaning finds its origins in German history. The term is commonly used in Western military forces where rucking is one of the most common military activities. Regardless of the minor technical differences between the two, many luggage brands today use both these terms interchangeably. The more popular term being ‘backpacks’, let’s explore the many kinds at our disposal and what benefits do they bring us when we set out on exciting adventures-

Top 10 Different Types Of Backpacks

1. Standard Backpacks

As the name suggests, these backpacks are the simplest of their kind. Step out on the street and you are bound to see a few on the way, they are that common. These backpacks are highly flexible in the sense that they can be used for daily use but they don’t shy away from being your travel companions either. Most of these bags come with one main compartment and a smaller compartment or pocket in the front. If you wish to travel super light, then this one is surely your go-to backpacks.

2. Rucksacks:

As mentioned above rucksacks are built for camping purposes. They help you carry multiple foldable items owing to their larger build. They also come with chest and hip belts that help secure the bag on your back, helping you balance the weight in a way that it does no harm to your shoulders, back, and neck. Some fancier bags also come with a flap that helps secure the main compartment of the bag. These backpacks have multiple quick-access pockets on the sides and in the front as well.

3. Laptop Backpack:

These backpacks are mostly used for college or corporate purposes. They are equipped with a padded laptop sleeve (large enough for a 16-inch laptop) and a tablet sleeve. These are designed for the on-the-go professionals who prefer to travel light. If you usually go on 2-day work trips, these bags will be your treasure chest. To better cater to your needs, some of the new-age backpacks also come with built-in USB cables to help keep your devices charged and connected.

4. Hydration Backpacks:

Much like the rucksacks, hydration backpacks are ideal for the ones who love indulging in outdoor activities. These backpacks also come in handy during adventure sports like cycling or running. Being lightweight, they are easy to carry even if you have to go long distances at a faster pace. As the name hints, these backpacks are best known for the portable water pouch that they feature. The pouches are weaved into the backpack in a way that you always have easy access to them. In addition, they also have other functional compartments and pockets.

5. Anti-Theft Backpack:

No matter the excitement, the thought of keeping our luggage secure is always at the back of our minds while we are in transit. These bags are born out of material that is slash-proof. What makes anti-theft backpacks all the more special is the fact that they are equipped with superior zippers and compression straps. These are not easy to break into, keeping your valuable items safe in the backpack. Some come with extra secret pockets to help you keep some cash and valuable documents hidden away from plain sight.

6. Tote Backpacks:

This is the ideal pick for the ones who have a flair for fashion but also have an eye for functionality. Tote backpacks will prove to be your saviours on beach vacations! They are also ideal for daily use and have a more sophisticated look and feel as compared to your everyday backpacks. These backpacks are usually equipped with one large compartment, a zipper for closure and two handles. The best part is that they can be worn in many styles, making them a great choice for multiple occasions – sling it over one shoulder or balance it on both – either way you are set to make a style statement.

7. Rolling Backpacks:

If you are not a big fan of carrying your luggage over your shoulders but still want to travel light, rolling backpacks are your best bet! Being backpacks, you always have the option of carrying them on your back, but the moment you want to give your shoulders a rest, you can let the spinner wheels do their thing. They make for easy maneuverability and are the best way to carry slightly heavier items that are relatively smaller in size – massive books for example. Rolling backpacks are ideal alternatives for suitcases for short trips. They are generally equipped with multiple spacious compartments.

8. Drawstring Backpack:

This is yet another great option if you are looking for lightweight backpacks. These work wonders when it comes to carrying extra belongings on your travels, for example – ID cards, important documents, a wallet, and an extra set of clothes at hand in case of unwarranted emergencies. Much like tote backpacks, these bags come with one compartment. But their true beauty lies in the drawstring closure and shoulder straps. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it a good choice as a toiletry bag as well. If you plan to explore the streets of your destination on foot, you must turn to drawstring backpacks. They are perfect to store your souvenirs as you go on exploring the quaint corners of the town.

9. Compression Backpack:

One of the simplest and fastest ways to master the tricky art of efficient packing is a compression backpack. These sacks are ideal for long travels. They have a lot of room for your extra items and can be tightened up to secure your belongings. Compression backpacks are already a popular choice among trekkers and backpackers, and for all the right reasons. Their features make them a great pick for outdoor activities. Despite being compressive, they are breathable. Most backpacks are made out of premium fabric to keep your items protected as you venture into the wild.

10. Athletic Backpack:

These backpacks are built to keep you ahead of the game. These are a blessing for the ones who worship sports and lead a rather athletic lifestyle. Different nags come with different features and functionalities. But here are some enviable features that you will find in most athletic backpacks – dedicated compartments to carry running shoes and other sports accessories, water-proof material, and sweat-resistant back and shoulder straps. No matter the sport, these backpacks have room for all your sports gear.

Premium Backpacks By Nasher Miles

A backpack serves as an all-in-one solution when it comes to weekend travels or for daily use (college and office purposes). It effortlessly accommodates itself under the bus seats or in the compact cabins in trains and places. It is also the perfect pick as carry-on luggage. Nasher Miles Brings you three categories of stylish backpacks equipped with multiple features; here are the key features for each of the categories-

Outdoor Backpacks

Premium Material: Our backpacks are born out of superior fabrics. The polyester bags are water-repellent and great at resisting abrasion and tearing. The nylon bags are tear-resistant, anti-shrinkage and anti-scratch. They are best known for their lasting durability.

Rain Cover: Come sunshine or rain – your belongings will stay protected at all times with our built-in rain guard. They keep your items dry even if you find yourself stuck in a thunderstorm.

Laptop Compartment: Our backpacks also come with a large padded section, offering safety and secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Quick Access Front Compartments: The front zippered compartment makes for smart organization of pens, phones and any quick-to-access items.

Ideal for Outdoors: Our compact outdoor backpacks are a preferred choice amongst day trekkers.

Casual Backpacks

Premium Material: Our backpacks are made of tear-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-shrinkage twill polyester material and a denim look material that is tear-resistant, scratch-free, and is complemented by faux leather detailing.

Sweat-proof Back and Straps: The back and top handles are padded for ease, and are made of a sweat-resistant material for no staining.

Front Pocket Office Organiser: The large U-zip front pocket organiser is designed exclusively for easy organisation of pens, pencils, phones, sunglasses, and any quick access items.

Laptop Compartment: The backpacks come with a large padded section, offering safety and secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Ideal For College Use: Our casual backpacks are equipped with features that provide additional utility to make college life easier.

Corporate Backpacks

Excellent Material: Our backpacks are made of premium quality polyester and nylon, making them water-resistant, tear-resistant, anti-scratch and durable. Some bags come with a hard front made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) that makes it difficult to cut into.

Anti-Theft Zippers: The bags also have ultra-secure zippers that tamper-proof your bag. They cannot be opened by sticking a sharp object in.

USB & AUX Charge Port: This feature is sure to impress the on-the-go professionals. The backpacks have a built-in USB charging port outside and built-in charging cable inside.

Padded Laptop & Tablet Compartment: Being corporate backpacks, they are equipped with a large padded section, offering safety and secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Quick Access Front Organiser: The front zippered compartment makes for smart organization of pens, phone and the other items that you need handy.

The next time a short vacation is around the corner, explore our backpack collection featuring premium bags, designed to introduce you to the ease of traveling light. Each of our bags are inspired from explore-worthy destinations across the globe. Take you pick and backpack your way into the many adventures of life. 

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