Travelling can be therapeutic

Jan 31, 2022

The benefits of traveling go beyond making memories and meeting new people. Getting out of your comfort zone, having fun and exploring a new place can be remarkably therapeutic and one of the best ways to indulge in some self-care. 

Break from routine  

Whether you plan a trip abroad or go locally, taking a break from your usual routine can be a good way to break negative cycles and help you move out of the status quo. When you are feeling sad and depressed, getting out of the house can help you clear your head and give you some space to consider things in a different way. Going somewhere completely outside your usual, can be a more effective way of distraction, one that allows you to take a break from your routine.  

Give the down-time you need 

Experiencing new cultures can help you see new ways of living. I remember, during my trip to South Africa, I was pleasantly surprised to see, and eat the elaborate seven-course vegetarian meal. The restaurant we were eating at, painted our faces with African tribal art and made us dance to African tribal folk music. The new place can give the right down-time that you would want to indulge in for some self-care. 

More physical movement 

I have rarely been on a holiday where I have not carried my sneakers. In fact, at the start of travel itself, it feels best to wear them so that you can walk longer and more comfortably. Physical exercise is known to boost better mood. Though we may not be doing a workout as such we tend to have more physical movements during traveling – be it walking for local transport, or walking on the beach, or long walks at the airport. Extra physical movement can improve energy levels and mood. 

Positive outlook on self 

Travelling could also mean navigating crowds, getting lost, and struggling with language barriers – all of which is extra challenging. Some individuals feel managing travel stress helps them cope with everyday stress better. Meeting new people, experiencing new places and learning about new cultures can improve your own vision about yourself and your life leading to a more positive outlook.  

Smile and laugh more 

One more thing about traveling is that it allows you to let loose a little bit. Since you are in a different place where others don’t know you, you are not required to act in a certain way. This may allow you to have the freedom of having more fun than you normally do and act on things that you never do. Some of what you do will become memories of fun times, making you smile and laugh more. 

So, when you are thinking about going for a trip, don’t hesitate for long. There are many ways a trip can make a difference in your life. It may also be healing you in a number of ways so that you can relax and take some of the stress out of your life. 

Suchitra Hari

Suchitra Hari is an internationally licenced Bach Flower Practitioner, L-1 and L-2 Trainer from Bach Center, UK. She offers consultations and provides solutions to the toughest blocks of life through Bach Flower remedies. Nature has a solution for everything.

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