Why Buy Hardcase Suitcases? Know What Happens Behind-the-Scenes at Airports

Jun 13, 2022

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, jet-setting several times in a calendar year, or someone who travels sparsely, there’s one thing that you’d definitely like to know – what happens behind the scenes with your luggage at airports. The ground handling staff popularly known as the baggage handlers admit that they literally throw suitcases, bags, and other luggage to meet timelines. The high-pressure job leaves them with no other choice but to engage in a baggage toss game.

However, every traveler does have a choice – to choose a sturdy suitcase. Nasher Miles hard case or hard-shell carry-on trolley bags are known for their tough yet flexible outers that keep your belongings safe while also protecting your luggage from getting damaged.


At Nasher Miles, hardback suitcases undergo numerous tests to establish their endurance. Did you know fully loaded hardcase suitcases are dropped on all sides and corners from a height of one meter to test their resilience? 

Nasher Miles hardside suitcases are made from 100% Polypropylene – an outer material that is robust, sturdy, and extra lightweight. It is fully capable of absorbing impact by flexing while under stress. It pops back to its original form immediately and prevents dents or breakage.

Whether you want to buy a small, medium, or large hard side suitcase, at Nasher Miles, these carry a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects on the hard shell under normal use.

Furthermore, while poor baggage handling is the ground reality of airports across the globe, there’s also a larger concern that lurks in the belly of the planes – baggage theft. The only way out is to keep your belongings safe in locked hardshell suitcases that can’t be split open even by the most notorious miscreants. 


From what we’ve seen happens behind the scenes with your luggage, there’s one clear takeaway - hardcase luggage is the #1 choice for travelers because of its endurance, flexibility, sturdiness, and extra lightweight.