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Colored Over The Head N95 Face Mask

*This product is non-returnable

₹ 599
₹ 2,400
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Product Description

Made in India ; 5 layered N95 mask with ultra-strong protection: 1 layer of Melt blown fabric (25 GSM), 1 layer of Hot air cotton (90 GSM) and 3 layers of PP spun bound fabric (60 GSM and 30 GSM).

WASHABLE and REUSABLE: It is hand washable and can be resued. It is made of soft & super light non woven & melt blown material which does not cause any irritation even after prolonged wearing.

Protection: The N95 mask protects from exposure to airborne particles and has a 95% filter efficiency. It protects from exposure to pollution, dust, smoke and saves you from everyday pollution.

Made in India: The product is made in India and has SITRA, ISO, CE and EN149 certificates.Each set consists of 12 masks (3 teal, 3 yellow, 3 purple and 3 orange).

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  • Item Weight

    0.04 kg

  • Item Width

    8 cm

  • Item Height

    2 cm

  • Item Length

    10 cm

  • Color


  • Size

    Set of 12

  • Outer Material


  • Warranty

    No Warranty

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  • MRP

    2400 inclusive of all taxes

  • Manufacturer/Importer

    Nasher Miles P.L. 1601 Panchratna, Opera House, Mumbai - 400004 E:[email protected]

  • Packer

    Nasher Miles P.L. 1601 Panchratna, Opera House, Mumbai - 400004 E:[email protected]



Where can I buy Nasher Miles luggage?

Nasher Miles is home to premium luggage collections designed for all. We ensure easy availability of our stylish yet sturdy bags for all travel enthusiasts. Our luggage can be purchased on the Nasher Miles website as well as on Amazon, Flipkart and on

Are the N95 masks washable?

No. N95 masks cannot be cleaned or disinfected. Discard them if:

  • Clogged or you sense a foul smell
  • Wet or dirty on the inside
  • If the mask is deformed
  • If there is a tear in the filter

Do not use the following items to clean the mask:

Bleach | Baking | Alcohol | Boiling | Soap | Microwave | Sanitizing Wipes | Ethylene Oxide

Are the N95 masks reusable?

Yes, N95 Masks can be reused for up to 40-50 hours each. Post this duration, they cannot be cleaned or disinfected. Discard them if:     

  • Clogged or you sense a foul smell
  • Wet or dirty on the inside 
  • If the mask is deformed   
  • If there is a tear in the filter

However, you can extend the life of the mask by following these methods:

1. Mask Rotation:

 Acquire a set number of N95 masks and rotate their use each day, allowing them to dry for long enough that the virus is no longer viable (more than 72 hours).

2. Proper Storage:

Hang the masks to dry, or keep them in a clean, breathable container like a paper bag between uses. Make sure the masks do not touch each other and that you do not share your respirator mask with other people.

How are the Nasher Miles cloth face masks different?

Nasher Miles cloth face mask uses Swiss textile technology that imparts a level of self-sanitising feature to fabrics for additional hygiene. It inhibits microbes, in addition to filtering air pollution. The cloth face mask has been treated with the revolutionary HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 textile technology of Switzerland. This powerful textile technology, belonging to our innovation partner HeiQ is safe to skin and is made only from INCI-approved cosmetic ingredients. This protective textile finish is applied on the inner and outer fabric layer of the mask. The protection on fabric lasts 20 washes.

The mask is also engineered with a 6 level protection system (double melt-blown safety) for superior filtration of airborne particles with initial filtration of 98% (>3μm). Using knitted fabric for the inner and outer layer, this mask has been carefully designed for maximum comfort, breathability and low heat build-up. It is also reusable and washable. This mask protects you from particulate matter, smoke from vehicle exhausts, airborne particles and reduces the odds of cross-contamination as compared to untreated masks because of its self-sanitizing feature.

Nasher Miles cloth face cloth mask does not have a nose clip. It is designed in such a way as to reduce the opening as compared to other cloth masks. It is a community use mask, not meant for surgical/medical settings.

How should the cloth masks be cleaned?

Follow the following steps to clean the Nasher Miles cloth masks:

• Dip and soak in soapy solution for a minute

• Do not bleach

• Do not tumble dry

• Do not iron

• Do not dry clean

• Do not wring or rub

• Drip dry

What is HieQ technology?

HeiQ Viroblock textile technology is tested as per ISO-18184 & ISO-20743 test standards. The 6 layer protection is SITRA tested SMMS filter. HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is EU REACH & US FIFRA compliant and OEKOTEX certified.

What is your shipping policy?

We have warehouses in Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. Based on the availability of your order, we dispatch the bag from the warehouse closest to you. Our shipping partners take between 1-7 days for the delivery. You will receive the courier details on dispatch.

Do you deliver across India?

Yes! For the orders above Rs. 500, we provide free shipping across India. There is a delivery fee for orders below Rs. 500. Nasher Miles is a digital-first brand that believes in the power of exploring. No matter where you stay, our luggage collections are curated to encourage you to explore the world and bring a little bit of every place back home with you.

Do you have an offline store? Where is it located?

Nasher Miles is a digital-first brand that delivers premium luggage bags across India. We don't have any offline store. We have a service centre in Mumbai near Charni Road Station.

What are the discount offers?

Apart from multiple unique features, our bags also come with exciting discounts. You can avail the discounts listed on our website (10% to 15%). We do offer coupons for seasonal discounts. Follow us on Instagram to know the latest offers. For bulk enquiry, you can mail us at: [email protected]

Can the masks be returned?

Given the sanitisation and hygiene sensitivity of masks, we do not allow returns on this category.

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